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The Decaydance bandom fandom is a wonderful thing. There is an astonishing amount of love and friendship and creativity going on, and generally, people tend to treat each other with respect.

The area of Real Person Fiction is, and will always be, in the grey zone. The line between fantasy and reality is easily blurred. And that's why this community is here: to help people draw the lines back in the sand after the waves come in. We want to promote awareness and respect. For the people writing in this fandom and for the people we write about.

Basically, we want to help making sure that what we write in our disclaimers is actually true: This is all fiction. The boys belong to themselves, and finding out what that means on an every-day level--to you and me--when we take part in the pure awesomeness that is Bandom.

COMMUNITY DO's: discussions about grey areas and how they can be handled in constructive ways. Reality vs Fiction, Research vs Stalking, Perception vs Reality, Love vs Obsession and so on. Questions and support. Love. Friendship. Recs to good posts on these things.

COMMUNITY DON'T's: Bashing, flaming and talking behind people's backs is not okay here. If you have a problem with someone, tell it to their face, like Pete Wentz would say. :-)

Important note on the distinction between real people and fandom people

There's a difference between the idea of a person and that person itself. Most people get this, but unfortunately some don't. We use disclaimers when we write Real People Fiction, and some forget that this isn't primarily so that we won't end up in court, but to point out--to our readers and to ourselves--that we're playing in an imaginary world here, not the real one.

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No one's posting so a question for you all

Who is your favorite bandom person to write?

How do you write them and why?  What influences your opinion on what kind of person they are and what characteristics they have?


so, okay, redorchids asked me to "write an article" for this comm, and i've been toying with lots of ideas, but nothing really solid, nothing remotely close to something i could center a thesis around, so i thought maybe i'd throw some things out for discussion and see what you guys think. maybe something will strike me. one of the questions she prompted me with was "what is canon when the people are real?" and honestly, i don't think the definition of canon changes all that much with real ppl vs, say, tv show or book fandoms. the basic concept is the same. what changes is how we respond to the canon; how we write it. so let's brainstorm on a couple points:

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so. thoughts?

A question dealing with OoC

I have a question... When coming across a story that deals with a OoC in a way that doesn't even work for the actual character and it is suppose to be in character, you should we as a part of the fandom tell that person and how do you go about doing that???

I have had this happen to one of my fics and it was done very well and I was able to see how the characters weren't working, in the story and as them selves. But I am very open to contructive critisicm and have a pretty stong back bone when it comes to someone telling me my work is shit. (She didn't actually do this but it may have seem that way to other people.) It was probably the most enlightening thing that had happened to me on LJ when concering my fics and becoming a better writer.

Just curious.

Discuss away!!

10 reasons

Hey there.

I thought I'd say something in general or whatever about why band's private lives are none of our (=the fans') business!Collapse )


A sort of random question.

While writing a story, have you ever found yourself faced with the problem of whether or not you should characterize a person with traits that would hold true to the canon, or with traits that would hold true to the fanon?

Let me explain some. I'm writing a piece about the earlier days of My Chemical Romance, and fanon!Mikey doesn't talk much, doesn't really show emotion, doesn't smile, just kinda, walks around going =| and texting. But even though, during that time period Mikey was depressed and had his own troubles, canon!Mikey still had to have been more open with Gerard. So, the dilemma is whether or not it would hold true to canon!Mikey at the time, to say that 'Mikey’s face shone with a rare true grin.' or if it's something that fanon!Mikey be accused of, not smiling often, I mean, especially if he was alone with Gerard.


I'm not sure what to do.

Anyway, yeah, thanks for reading, if you did.

i should cut myself off of the coffee for the rest of the night, omg.